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Overview & Guidance Structure
OUR PURPOSE • A training & hiring pool for Veterans, Frontliners & Gamers who want to be part of the web3 evolution. VALUES [1] Thou shall understand supply & demand [2] Thou shall understand opportunity (preparation meets timing) [3] Thou shall have long-term vision & values [4] Thou shall control their inner degen [5] Thou shall be actively seeking alpha [6] Thou shall do your own research [7] Thou shall soldier on (be adaptable) [8] Thou shall not soldier on alone ROADMAP • Develop Website / Whitepaper ✅ • Develop Discord ✅ • Develop & Launch 3D NFT (Premium Pass) ✅ • Execute twitter growth strategy ✅ • Build traditional business relationships ✅ • Open discord with exclusive access ✅ • Access to Alpha channels/Calls for premium passes ✅ • Get to know the members (daily hangouts & video content creation with the community) • Community members choose a specific squad • Assess community behaviour & motivators • Finetune incentive structures / Raffles • Continue to build demand & community • Utilize 100k grant from Sui network • Metaverse buildout & integration with partner verses • Start training & hiring process for our web3 Partners • Sign off on contracts & allocate Web3 Assignments Once all collections are sold out & have exceeded volume targets. • We implement a token gated management system for the NFT holders & establish a DAO What’s next? • DAO members are invited to work on the top secret Phase 2 Whitepaper
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