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BGC's Technologists
Big Brother was made to ensure that BGC has the most advanced technology and the most secure communications any military can develop. We are here to use our advanced technology to have an advantage downrange and to be 3 steps ahead of the enemy. The squad has multiple roles within the squad including Cyber Security Experts, Computer Engineers, and Technologists.
BGC didn't initially have plans to make a squad that was focused on Technological warfare and Cyberwarfare, But after "Incident 2045" (check incident reports for information) BGC created a squad that was able to reverse engineer the technology donated and created more advanced tech that no other military has invented. The members of Big Brother are some of the smartest PMCs we could get our hands-on. Big Brother made a new form of encryption that keeps data just as secure as SHA-512 while keeping the latency just as low as using a VPN, therefore our secure networks can be as fast as possible to make sure there is no delay in any form of communication. Members of this squad are taught the ins and out of networking, cyber security, hardware, software, and all-around troubleshooting.
"Project ■■■■■■" The leader of Big Brother, also known as "Crash" is said to be working with the squad to create "another set of eyes" for other squads. We have yet to learn what exactly He means but since the squad is very secretive and mostly keeps to themselves when developing new forms of tech it's hard to get much information on what they are working on. We can assume from past projects that they might be trying to make a new type of AI. Crash said that "this project will take some time or depending on the situation, might not even happen."