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BGC's Overwatch & Analysis
From the ashes and brutality of warring nations, the fog of war left many operators stranded or alone. Those left standing are all that remains of what were formerly formidable and well-disciplined special forces units. Loyal to their cause, they once again turn towards their campaign. Only a fraction of what once was, the remaining few attempts to rebuild their force, though many have come from various specialities. Proving to be a difficult integration, soldiers were determined to regain their former prestige. From the burning embers of chaos in warring conflict, OpSec Phantom was born.
After learning their demise was at the hand of their leaders, they realized that no nation and no person is safe from deception. Considered K.I.A., these rogue soldiers used their “disappearance” to their advantage. Ghosts on the battlefield, phantoms in the dreams of the corrupt, OpSec Phantom haunts the hearts of the wicked. Providing operation overwatch, targeting of HVT’s, OpSec operates with unparalleled covertness, proving to be a threat to any force or weapon forged against them.
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