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BGC's Alpha Hunters
The Telepathic Grifters were a team of revolutionary thinkers, thrill-seekers, warriors, wanderers, and outlaws. Assembled during the height of the great cyberwars, in the year 2040, their sole purpose was to assimilate and infiltrate the data centres and intelligence sectors of the AOF (Adversaries of Freedom), and intercept the minds behind their weapons defence systems and strategic deployment of their agenda, altering their conscience and inhibiting their global domination. Using the combined training techniques derived from their individual strengths, the telepathic grifters were in the process of mastering a method of inducing perpendicular quantum spacial leaps they called “sliding”. Sliding, was a phenomenon of teleportation from place to place, allowing the grifters to get within a close enough proximity to intercept their target's intention. It was when they began the integration of sliding with crossing through parallel exploits in the quantum fabric that things went drastically wrong.
Incident 2045: The day that changed the future. The telepathic grifters were undergoing their 1st calculated "parallel slide" when their HQ was destroyed by a drone strike. The team made it out just in time to only suffer minor casualties. The one casualty they couldn’t avoid was the ability to reconnect to their original coordinates and initiate the return sequence. They became trapped in a time that wasn’t there’s, fated to join the onset of a war they experienced as children. This time they knew what was about to unfold. In their search for the necessary resources to rebuild their destroyed technology, they found themselves forming an alliance with an unlikely rogue group of freedom fighters who became known as The Ballistic Graffiti Club.