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BGC's Artisan of Fortune
The Green Iris often find themselves immersing further into the cultural arts as a way to express their inner potential.
Growing perpetually more and more fond of these cultural truths, they began to see Art as the only un-adulterated form of preserving the human experience. A transparent and unbreakable time capsule that can come alive with a whisper and change the course of history with a single note.
From cave walls to train yards the vast majority of art that survives today is thanks to a long generational line of the Green Iris family. The Green Iris fell into allegiance with the BGC to ensure that freedom of self-expression and creativity will always have its place to document and translate human history. Doing so through the eyes of all who experienced it, and not just those who were elevated to power through malice and chaos.
Artistic expression is not something earned, it is inherently infinite and is as inalienable to Mans’ free will like the air he breathes, the light that illuminates him, and the darkness that consumes him.
Faber est quisque fortunae suae - “Every man is the artisan of his own fortune."